Neuro Surgery

The Neurosurgery Department at Moheb Kowsar Hospital,  specialises in all phases of neurosurgery for comprehensive management of brain, spinal cord, and peripheral nerve diseases and disorders. The services and treatment offered include treatment of brain tumours, vascular lesions of brain, endoscopy for brain and spine, thoracic disk disease, peripheral nerve lesions, spinal fixation, hydromyelia, hydrocephalus, craniovertebral anomalies, cervical spondylotic disk disease, congenital cranial and spinal

problems,traumatic brain injuries and syringomyelia.



The Department has the services of two full time Neurologists. We have C.T Scan   and EEG serives. EEG device which is a powerful, easy to use EEG system consisting of the high response 40_channel AS40 amplifier system. Currently on going plans are in progress to expand the scope of investigations and treatment available in the department.

Outpatient services are offered 6 days/Week and inpatient facilities include a stroke unit and Neuro ICU with Neuro trained staff. Investigations available include EEG, Nerve conduction studies, CT scan of the brain.

Outpatient services are offered to the patients with headache, fits, Paralysis of various types, back pain, giddiness to name a few. Stroke patients are given special care and a very good number of stroke patients have recovered and gone back to their previous jobs.