Moheb Kowsar History


Moheb Kowsar Hospital policies:

• Special attention to patient satisfaction with a customer-centric and a customer-friendly vision

• Priority of moral and humanitarian issues against economic issues in confrontation with the patients

• Unavoidability of patient safety in Moheb Kowsar Hospital as a principle

• Kind and respectful behavior of the hospital staff and managers with one another and with the clients

• Employing expert and efficient work force with professional ethics, in compliance with upstream institutional rules 

• Maintenance and management of human assets of the organization, with special attention to the enhancement of the welfare services of the staff, to raise their incentives and capabilities with the purpose of stablishing a learning organization.

• Promoting teamwork and professional ethics 

• Promoting the organizational culture of error reporting without concern about criticism and punishment, in order to prevent, monitor and control medical errors 

• Moheb Kowsar Hospital pays special care to the procedure for attracting contractors so as to obtain maximum quality and safety with a minimum price.

• Emphasis on beautification and adornment of the hospital premises

• Contribution in the implementation of the policies of Iran University of Medical Sciences 

 The vision of Moheb Kowsar Hospital

Excelling in popularity and high quality of services in the field of medical treatment, in the country.

The mission of Moheb Kowsar Hospital

Moheb Kowsar Hospital considers its mission to improve the health of the community or provide safe and effective specialized and sub-specialized services for treatment and education of the patients by taking advantage of up-to-date technologies in addition to the collaboration with professional doctors and competent staff. In this correspondence, based on moral values and compliance with the standards, the hospital aims to gain the consent of all stakeholders, regardless of color, race and ethnicity.