IPD in Moheb Kowsar Hospital

At Moheb Kowsar Hospital we understand that a hospital stay can be overwhelming, particularly when the treatment is received outside one's home country. Our International Patient Center is a full-service office that assists our patients and their referring physicians navigate the care journey. Patients will be paired with an international patient coordinator, who serves as a single point of contact before, during and after the patient's visit and they can rely upon our international patient coordinator should they require follow-up appointments or correspondence with Moheb Kowsar Hospital care team after returning to their home country.


Moheb Kowsar provides personalized liaison (concierge) services such as:
• Coordination of hospital, physician and diagnostic appointments
• From A to Z VIP services
• Concierge services
• Free Medical Second Opinion
• Free of charge translation services for all the procedures

• 24-hour emergency services, including air ambulance transfer coordination
• Travel arrangement assistance (letters for travel visas and pick-up services etcs.)
• Accomodation assistance (hotel, aparts etcs.)

Assistance with financial concerns:
• Coordination with primary insurance and travel assistance companies
• Cost estimations and package pricing for uninsured, self-paying patients
• Coordination of advanced deposit payments (wire transfers, etcs.)
• Transfer of medical records
• Assistance with any pending concerns after your discharge from the hospital

What Sets Us Apart
• The latest medical treatment know-how and equipment
• Personalized assistance with all medical and travel arrangements.
• A diverse, welcoming country: people from every culture can find what they need to feel themselves at home in Iran.


Our International Patient Services Department will review the provided information and patient's medical records to recommend the best treatment plan for our valued patient at Moheb Kowsar Hospital.

Welfare facilities of the suites:

Direct phone line, TV (satellite TV), Internet access (Wi-Fi), fridge, closet, separate toilet and bathroom, controllable bed (digital), nurse call, convertible sofa bed for the patient’s companion, individual hosts, optional food menu ...

The admissions unit at the international patients department is located on the first floor. Foreign patients whom refer to the hospital for treatment and surgery, are admitted in this ward, and if desired to be hospitalized in floor 7, they will reside in one of the suites after the admission process.

Admission of foreign patients:

At the time of arrival, foreign patients are guided to the admissions unit on the 7th floor. As regards to the presence of an interpreter at the hospital, patients will have no problems completing the initial admission process. If the patient is visiting the hospital for the first time, all his/her passport details will be registered in the system. In case of any prior visits, pre-registered details of the patient, will precisely be checked and if required, changes will apply.

Documents that patients should bring with themselves:

1 - Patient’s passport for admission and identification.

2 - Radiology, sonography, C-T scan, M.R.I, and any prior test reports to be presented to the doctor. The doctor will review the previous records and investigate the therapeutic procedures before the patiant’s presence in Iran.

Patients whom make necessary coordination with the health tourism unit for presence at the hospital, before travelling to Iran, will have their names and details as well as the names of their doctors registered in the list of foreign patients. As soon as they enter the hospital and after admission, they will meet their corresponding doctors and after examination and consultation, in case of need to a surgery, required coordination with relevant sections will be made and the patients will begin their treatment process without any delays.

If a foreign patient visits the hospital without prior information and coordination, the admissions unit at the international patients department will carry out necessary coordination and will begin the treatment process as soon as possible.

It is worth noting that, during the time the patient is hospitalized, a medical tourism specialist will regularly visit the patient to make sure he/she has appropriate health conditions. Meanwhile, if the patient needs anything special, he/she will discuss that with the medical tourism specialist. Moreover, if the patient, the nurses or the doctors need translation services, they will communicate with each other using the help of a medical tourism specialist. Therefore, this unit facilitates all the affairs related to the treatment process of a foreign patient.