Nose Job

Nose Job
All About Rhinoplasty and Nose Shaping – Are You a Good Candidate? Contact us

Rhinoplasty is the most popular aesthetic surgical intervention today. Our face concerns our entire life and self-confidence closely. We have come across with our faces many time in daily life that every detail on our faces is more interesting than ever. Mirrors everywhere, smart phones, dozens of photos taken in seconds, social media shares our face, we met with our nose dozens of times during the day.


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 Most patients apply to us with these and similar complaints. We call them “patients” because we are “physicians”. You may think this is not a disease, but according to the medical literature, the disease includes not only physical discomfort, but also mental or psychological discomfort. We plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery specialists work on normal body structure, functioning and aesthetics during our training..

1,5 to 3 hours
Overnight stay
1 night
Final results
6 to 12 months


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