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آیکون ارسال عکس کودکان





Head of Gynecological Group : Dr. Tahere Movahedi

Head nurse : Somaye Mir Jafari

Phone Number : 427020- 180/181

Location : First Floor


Features of this ward :

It consists of 9 beds plus 2 childbirth – beds . Its main goal is to look after pregnant women in doing natural childbirth beside developing health care for these group of patients .

Having experienced personnel , this ward offers these below services to inpatient and outpatient groups of clients 24 hour a day :

  • Accurate control of pre – childbirth period by experienced and educated midwives
  • Possibility of spouse presence beside his wife during natural childbirth , if both sides agree
  • Possibility of doing physiologic childbirth by taking Aromatherapy , massage therapy , breathing technique and doing exercise
  • Possibility of doing pain – free childbirth by Analgesia gas or Spinal Procedure ( If Spouse agrees )
  • Having mobile midwives ( Doula ) if the mother agrees
  • Possibility of doing emergency Caesarean if it is not possible to have natural childbirth
  • Having Rooming – Mother-baby  togetherness to recover breast-feeding
  • Doing Fetus Assessment Test for inpatient and outpatient clients
  • Monitoring of high-risk and emergency patients
  • Holding classes of preparation for pregnancy
  • Hospital-tour for becoming familiar with childbirth environment
  • Educating and consulting before pregnancy
  • Possibility to film ( If both sides agree )


Next to Shafagh Park , 23rd Street of Yousef Abad , Tehran .
Email: kowsarhospital@moheb.com